Liquid Kelp Fertilizer

Kelptivate Liquid Kelp Fertilizer is a great addition to any sproutperson's palette. A blend of several sea kelps, it is excellent when growing on a soilless medium, because it supplies additional nutrients to the plants--we've seen 20% more growth!  It is a must if you are growing Micro-Greens using Hemp Felt or another soilless medium

You can also add Kelptivate to your Soak water, when soaking any Sprouting Seed. Mix one teaspoon per one gallon water.

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Add some (according to the instructions on the label) when you soak your soilless medium, before planting your seeds atop it.

A wonderful organic fertilizer gives your Grass, Greens and Micro-Greens everything they need to grow fast and strong - and delicious.

This is a concentrate. Dilute with water and spray (If you need one, we sell Spray Bottles) it on your plants, soak your Hemp Felt soilless medium, prior to planting. You can even soak your seeds in it!

Each 1/2 pint (8 fluid ounces) makes up to 50 gallons of organic fertilizer! Instruction say mix 1 tsp. per gallon water but you can use it stronger - at 1 tsp. per quart water.

Kelptivate is a liquid plant growth regulator formulated to provide a high concentration of the natural plant growth hormone cytokinin. Cytokinin, combined with the diverse micronutrients in seaweed, leads to enhanced growth, and healthier, more productive plants.


Grass Micro-Greens Any other Sprouting Seed you wish to enrich.

Though we have only changed our Kelp supplier once in all our years, it is possible that it could happen again. Changing products on this site is easier then changing them on the old site, but if we change suppliers, and I forget to change the site - please don't get mad at me. As long as you read the product's label for instructions - it won't matter what Kelp you are using - you'll dilute it correctly.

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