Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle


This is your basic spray bottle with a duck-like sprayer that screws on to a plastic bottle. These aren't especially durable, but they are inexpensive and they'll probably last a
good long time if you're a casual grower - as you're probably sick of reading; we were professional sproutpeople for over 10 years, so we demand a lot from our equipment, hence our concept of
durable is a bit skewed - like us =;-}

We offer these as a convenience - you can buy one locally - often for less.
Any garden supplier or grocery store should have them. Size = 1 Pint.

FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders $60 and up.


We use these to help keep certain crops moist, and to apply Liquid Kelp Fertilizer to them.

Just so you know; our spray bottles generally have red tops and partially opaque canisters. As they are pretty generic items, that can change from time to time.


Micro-Greens Grass Greens

Video Notes

If you are using Liquid Kelp Fertilizer or anything else; read the instructions on the container - for dilution ratio.

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