Sprout Dehuller


This is a great sprout tool!
A device to help you De-Hull and dry your sprouts.

This is an extremely well made salad spinner by OXO. We have used the bigger version in our house for many years, but this one is perfect for a crop of sprouts.

The idea is to fill the container with water, push the hulls out and then spin the sprouts dry. Doing so will save you from having to wait for 12 hours
after your final rinse/drain cycle to refrigerate your crop.

This is intended for Leafy and Brassica Sprouts as well as Greens, but will work with
most sprouts and Micro-Greens.

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De-Huller/Sprout & Salad Spinner made by OXO Its full name is Good Grips Little Salad & Herb Spinner - but to us Sproutpeople, it's a De-Huller. It is made - as are all OXO products - extremely well. It measures 8 inches in diameter, 5 inches tall. Its Capacity = 2 Quarts


Leafy Sprouts Brassica Sprouts Greens Micro-Greens and leafy vegetables, of course.


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  • Also works great for musciloginous seeds
    This is an excellent spinner and I do love it for de-hulling small seeds that have been grown to one inch plus. I can also store the grown sprouts in there in the fridge better than other methods (though you have to have the space in your refrigerator. To my surprise, I also found this spinner to result in the most success I've had with cress! It happened by accident, but I will be using it regularly now that I've discovered how it offers adequate drainage. I'm just ordering a couple more spinners. They fit in my EasyGreen, so I can really just walk away from the process and let the technology do the rest!
    Susan 3/19/2016
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