Produce Storage Bags

These re-usable refrigerator bags come 10 to a box, are gusseted, and measure 12" x 16".

These bags are amazing! We have tested sprouts, fruits and veggies. We had Cilantro in one of these bags for a month! Plastic bags will still do for storing your sprouts, but if you want the best - for every sprout, fruit and vegetable - try these. You know us, we don't sell stuff just to sell it - these really are awesome. The bags is widely reviewed (positively), and like we said above - our personal experience is great, so we think it is a good bet you'll be happy with them.

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1. Home Gardeners: pre-cool freshly harvested produce in refrigerator for a couple of hours before storage in PEAKfresh® Produce Bags. 2. Produce to be stored should be fresh and undamaged. 3. Use a separate bag for each type of produce. 4. Produce must be dry. 5. Expel air from the bag and close it using the enclosed ties and store in refrigerator. 6. Storage of mushrooms and ripe bananas in PEAKfresh ® Produce Bags for more than a few days is not recommended. Do not store whole pumpkin or onions. Mushrooms should be stored in a paper bag and then into a PEAKfresh ® bag for added freshness. 7. Wash and dry bag thoroughly before re-use. Bags can be re-used for up to two months.

The manufacturer says: Most fruit and vegetables release ethylene gas after harvest. Exposure of the produce to the gas accelerates aging and ultimate deterioration. PEAKfresh® Produce Bags remove ethylene gas to prolong the life and freshness of the produce. Unlike ordinary plastic bags, PEAKfresh® Produce Bags 'breathe' so that damaging gases produced by the fresh produce are removed. PEAKfresh® bags are USA FDA approved, comply with current EU Directives and approved by Swiss, Austrian, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Authorities. All PEAKfresh® mineral impregnated bags are certified for packaging organically grown produce (International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements )


Leafy Sprouts Brassica Sprouts Bean Sprouts Nut, Seed and Pseudograin Sprouts Micro-Greens Grain Sprouts Exotic Sprouts Critter Sprouts Greens Grass and any other sprout, fruit or vegetable you are storing.

We sometimes use Ethylene Gas when growing Mung Bean Sprouts with big thick roots. Though we have not yet (as of this writing) done tests with the PEAKfresh® Bag as part of this process; it seems like it will work really well!

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