Compostable Sprouting Tray Set

These trays are our new Mini Micro-green Trays, just a tad smaller than our old micro-green trays, and perfect for Micro-Greens! These compostable trays are made of GMO-free corn by people on a mission (we love supporting other cool businesses) They're great for growing small crops of Micro-Greens and they are reusable. Each Tray comes with a Clear Cover, which is also compostable.

Using Compostable Trays is extremely simple. Just sprinkle small seeds on moist Hemp Felt pads and watch 'em grow! Well, there's a tiny bit more then that, but not much.

Not a big crop sprouter, but very fun and pretty darn cool as Sprouters go. Each Compostable Tray has room for 2 small crops. The growing area in each tray is 6 x 4 inches. Nifty!

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Compostable Tray Growing Instructions

Specific Sprouting Instructions are found on the page devoted to the Seed or Mix you are interested in. Below are the specifics of the Compostable Tray.

Seed Prep

Not all seeds require this step. See the seed information page to see if you need to do this for the seed you are growing.

You'll have to use something else to do this, the Compostable Tray is just for growing.


You'll have to use something else to do this, the Compostable Tray is just for growing. Don't Soak unless directed to on your Seed's Detailed Info Page.


There is no Rinsing with this process but there is Watering. It is important to keep the medium moist so that your Micro-Greens can grow well and happily. These are very small and tender plants, so water from the side - not down onto or through the plants. It is easy to water from the edge of the Tray. You might also consider adding a Spray Bottle, and possibly some Liquid Kelp Fertilizer to your sprouting supplies.


Between Waterings is when your Micro-Greens really grow. We like a room-temperature (70° is always optimal) spot with plenty of light.


If you over-water the Pads you can tip the Tray to let excess water run off.

Seed Specific Sprouting Instructions

If you have a particular seed type in mind, read on to discover further details of that seed type as pertains to the Compostable Tray. Refer to the seed's main information page for detailed instructions.

Maximum Capacity = 2 teaspoons of dry seed per Pad (1/2 Tray) or 4 teaspoons per Tray. PLEASE read your seed's Detailed Instruction Page for more information. Please!

The growing method is virtually identical for all: Micro-Greens

sprouts, sprouts, sprouts,sprouts, sprouts,arugula,cress,radish,broccoli,chia,flax,microgreens,micro greens, micro-greens The seed information page will have specifics.

As mentioned above you can use virtually any small seed. Here are links to the main Type pages for the seeds that are easily grown with Compostable Trays:



Leafy Sprouts

Here is the method:

Soak and/or Pre-Sprout if necessary - do not Soak straight Mucilaginous seeds! See the seed's information page for specifics!

•Set the Compostable Tray in the spot where you want to grow.

•Wet the Hemp Felt thoroughly by soaking in water - squeezing, soaking, squeezing, etc.

•Spread seeds on thoroughly moistened Pad - don't crowd them, they want some room to breathe.

•Cover the Tray during the 1st few days to help retain moisture, by snapping the Clear Cover on. Remove the Cover when the Micro-Greens approach it. Covering is optional but we suggest that you experiment with covering to see what works best for you - in your climate and with the particular seeds you are growing. The most important factor is........

•Keep the Pads moist (not so soaked that the seeds drown, just thoroughly moist).

•With quite a few Micro-Greens you will seeRoot Hairs. They will look like mould but they are just microscopic roots. Amazing beings, plants!

You'll have a great crop of Micro-Greens in a week or two (perhaps a bit longer depending on your climate and what you are growing). Pull the pad(s) out of the Tray and cut the Micro-Greens off as close to the pad as possible with a scissors and enjoy the ultimate gourmet vegetable. Clean the Compostable Tray - between crops - by washing with soap and water.

The height of simplicity - a Tray and Cover is made of corn (NON-GMO) by people on a mission. It is perfect for mini crops of gourmet Micro-Greens at home or even at the "office".

Compostable Trays are small and so, more for fun than for serious production. Each Tray also comes with a Clear Cover, which is also compostable. We also sell an inexpensive compostable planting medium called Hemp Felt - which you can buy, cut to size or in bulk (which is less expensive, of course). All together these make up an amazingly earth friendly, inexpensive way to grow Micro-Greens.

If you want to grow bigger crops of Micro-Greens you should also look at Sproutpeople's Hemp Bag and - if you want serious production - our selection of Trays - which can also be used with Hemp Felt or other Mediums.

The Compostable Tray's growing area measures 6 inches x 4 inches.

Capacity: Up to 4 teaspoons of dry seed per tray (depending on the seed/mix).
See the Seed's Detailed Instruction Page for specifics.

Eat More Sprouts + Grow More Often!

For Sprouting Instructions, click the name of the Seed or Mix you want to grow.


Seeds to Sprout
in the Compostable Tray

This Sprouting Device is made for just one thing!

The Perfect match for the Compostable Tray:

Micro-Greens - Any very small seed can be grown into a plant (when it buries it's roots in something (a medium) and we harvest the crop by cutting it just above the medium; we call it a plant). Here are a few of the seeds that you can use to grow Micro-Greens in a Compostable Tray:

Note: Some of these very small seeds form gel sacks around themselves when they come into contact with water. They are called Mucilaginous:
Cress, Arugula, Flax, Chia, Basil, Rape (Canola), Mizuna.....
The same goes for our fabulous Micro-Mix: Bruno's Indoor Garden.

Other small Non-Mucilaginous seeds which can be used in the Compostable Tray include but are not limited to:
Alfalfa, Clover, Mustard, Radish, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Turnip, Kohlrabi, Kale, Collards...


Everything except small seeds that produce edible plants. Well - - you could grow Grass or Greens, so you could grow big seeds, but - they will have such massive root systems that they might outgrow the shallow Growing Trays. If you want to try big seeds - be sure to use Hemp Felt and remember - you'll be experimenting (which is the best way to learn).

Compostable Tray Assembly

Place a Hemp Felt (or similar water retaining medium) in the Tray(s) in which you will be growing.

Thoroughly moisten Hemp Felt

After planting seeds, snap Clear Cover onto Tray.


Cleaning: Between crops: Wash with soap and WARM (not hot) water. Rinse well!

Remember how inexpensive these are - and that they are compostable. When they stop working you should feel no guilt in replacing them.

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