Bio-Set Siphon Cap

Bio-Set Siphon Cap


Bio-Set is our least favorite Sprouting Device,
but we sell them for those of you who don't care what we think. Good for you!

This is the amazing, vanishing siphon cap that covers the little tube on each Bio-Set growing tray.

Bio-Set won't work without these, and since they do seem to disappear, we thought it a good thing if you could replace them.

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For details on using this item, visit our Bio-Set page.

There really isn't anything more to add.


Bean Sprouts Leafy Sprouts Nut, Seed and Pseudograin Sprouts Brassica Sprouts Grain Sprouts and any other seed you are growing.

Video Notes

The Bio-Set's drainage scheme is inadequate in our opinion, but without these caps it is non-existant. You need these in every tray, if you're growing in a Bio-Set.

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