Clem's Choice Sprout Mix

Clem's Choice Sprout Mix

$10.40 Lb.

Green Lentils, Fenugreek and Oriental Mustard

A pale and most unusual sprout mix named after our beloved 2nd dog, Clementine!

All the seeds in Clem's Choice come from sources which are certified organic.

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Sprouting Directions

  • Soak 6 - 12 hours
  • Rinse / Drain 2 - 3 times per day
  • Harvest 3 - 6 days
  • Yield 3 to 1

The oddest combo we've come up with - Clem's Choice defies description. I can't remember how (or why) I ever came up with this, but my best guess is that in deciding to name a mix after our 2nd dog Clementine, I combined seeds that were the same color as her. Clementine was a yellow mutt. We rescued her as a puppy - to keep our first dog, Jupiter company. Like all of our early animal family, Clem was taught by our cat, Dziga. He instructed both dogs on the rules of behavior regarding cats; that cats rule. Dziga and the dogs would lay together regularly. He raised them well. Clementine was part Pit Bull, part Lab, and goD knows what else. She was loyal to Lori. Jupiter was my (Gil) dog. Clem liked to stalk Jupiter when she was fetching. We lived in San Francisco back then, and we took the girls down to the bay every weekend. Clem would wait on shore, for Jupiter to return with whatever we'd thrown, raising her haunches high in preparation for take-off. She would spring at her sister - and hold her underwater to get the fetched item away from her. Jupiter never minded, much. As the years passed, Clem and Jupiter became fast friends. Clem was not threatened when we added a stray Fox Terrier, Fagie to our family - even though she stole a lot of Lori's attention. When we added human children she loved them and protected them, even though they had certainly stolen much of Lori's attention. When our son, Sam was first trying to sleep in his own room, Clem would nightly sleep on his bed, even though she had long slept with us. We called her Super-Protector. She made the transition smooth for Sam. In Winter she pulled Sam, and later Alice too in a sled - playing the part of Huskie in those bitterly cold Wisconsin winters despite her very thin coat. When Jupiter died tragically, Clementine, seeing my anguish adopted me. She took special care of me for the rest of her life. She kept laying with, playing with, and protecting our children, she allowed us additional dogs and cats. During her time she moved from state to state and life to life with us. She took the demotions without self-pity. She took it all with a wag and a smile - oh that Pitty smile. Clementine was a good dog. Clementine was a very, very good dog. On our old site I had some sorta hidden poems. Most will likely not make it to this version of our site, but here is the one that belongs to Clem: Clem was a puppy - retriever and pit. A mutt among mutts - she'd shake and she'd sit. Sharp as a tack with a smile big and wide. She tickled my neck when a ball there I'd hide. Stealthy and funny - she'd sneak under the covers warming our bed through winters and summers. Gone many years now but still she is missed. Clem you're a good dog - your memory kissed.

clementine the dog, sprouts for dogs, dog sprouts

We alternately call this blend Mix #9 in reference to the Beatle's oddest song. Clem's Choice requires 2 steps to complete as the seeds need different amounts of time to finish sprouting. This can be done in one Sprouter but 2 makes it easier.

sweet and nutty lentils combined with fragrent bitter fenugreek.

Vitamins A, B, C, E and K
Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc
Carotene, Chlorophyll, Amino Acids, Trace Elements
Protein: 30-35%

If there is anything unique about our current seed, we will tell you about it here. Seed Shelf Life: 5 years. Store in cool, dark, dry spot. Store in freezer to extend shelf life.
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