Vermiculite Growing Medium


When we run out, we will not be re-stocking this as it is widely available and we absolutely adore Coconut Coir.

Vermiculite is a soilless growing medium that holds water amazingly well. It is wonderful medium for growing Grass and Greens, as well as Micro-Greens.

We sell Vermiculite by volume. One Unit = 8 Pints, which is enough for two 10x20 inch Tray crops. Vermiculite is amazingly light stuff.

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An excellent soilless planting medium, Vermiculite is a mined mineral that is treated with heat which causes it to expand (Learn about Vermiculite). It resembles mica. It is clean, odorless, mold resistant and sterile, and has an almost neutral PH. Vermiculite is on the list of approved planting mediums - in the National Organic Standards. Vermiculite works very very well with liquid fertilizers (like our Kelp) due to it's amazing moisture retention and because it provides a steady release of any added fertilizers. What's more, vermiculite contributes potassium, magnesium and a number of trace elements! Vermiculite is extremely lightweight - one pound equals as much as 14 cups! We use 6 cups (3 pints) for an 10 x 20 inch tray of grass, so each unit/pound is more than enough for 2 full tray crops or 4 half-tray (10 x 10 inch) crops.

It took us almost a decade to find an alternative to soil (I'm a very stubborn sproutguy =;-) and now we have multiple alternatives! A LOT depends on the size of the seeds you are planting - when growing small seeds we generally prefer a finer medium - like Baby Blanket and STG pads but bigger seeds will benefit from Vermiculite. We have grown several trays of grass and all of them taste sweeter and grow fuller blades as compared to Baby Blanket or STG pads. Baby Blanket and STG pads are still the cleanest mediums to work with - and we like them, but to be honest - Vermiculite works better for us. Try them all and decide for yourself! One other thing: Vermiculite holds liquid so well that it keeps your grass growing after you cut it, making a 2nd cutting easier than ever.


Grass Greens Micro-Greens and any other seed you want to grow into a small plant.


Do not try to re-use Vermiculite. Just compost it and start fresh with your next crop.

Thorough Instructions are given on the detailed pages we have for every seed/mix we sell.

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  • Worked great!
    Since we wanted to grow some cat grass mix just in pots, decided to try this and absolutely loved it. The grass grew up great, no mess like with dirt if the pot gets tipped over, nor any mess of water as it had it all absorbed.
    The only mistake made, was by hubby who just assumed we needed to water the grass and didn't finger check that it was still plenty moist.. ending up causing the roots to mold and rot.
    Seeing you aren't/won't be stocking this anymore, I am curious now to try the coconut coir that you guys are raving on now. Since it looks like we will be trying to keep fresh kitty grass growing all the time as it has saved my plants from their nibbles. (I put their grasses well away from my plants to designate "theirs" from "mine".)
    Leah 7/6/2016
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