$6.25 Lb.

Hard Winter Wheat

Almost always Red and almost always from Nebraska. Always Absolutely Great Seed!
THE Nectar of the Gods! The ultimate blood purifier, Wheat Grass Juice is the closest thing there is to blood itself!

Note: This is the same seed we sell for Wheat Sprouts.

Our Wheat comes from a source which is certified organic.

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Sprouting Directions

  • Soak 8 - 12 hours
  • Rinse / Drain 2 times per day
  • Plant Day 2
  • Harvest 6 - 10 days

The classic power drink's source plant. Easy to grow and seriously rejuvinating when ingested. If everyone drank this stuff the average life expectancy would jump 10 years (I imagine you realize the FDA has not verified that statement. We're just saying it because we feel it!), this is greeeaat stuff! Wheat Grass Juice, like all Grass juices - has a very intense flavor! We've been drinking it since the 1970s and have found that we enjoy it more now than ever - since we got a Green Life (now improved by the mfg. and called Green Star) juicer we mix our grass juice with carrot and apple juice - it is delicious in this mix!

You need a special juicer to extract the nectar from this Grass - it is well worth the effort! Look on our Juicer page for more info.

growing grass is really fun. grass grows green in the sun. grow some grass and juice it too. it tastes like #&*%, but it's good for you.

Actually home grown wheatgrass is really sweet, and though its flavor is strong many people develop a taste for it. I just thought I'd make the poem funny =;-)

The taste of fresh grass is hard to describe to the uninitiated - but it is intense. The first time I had it I was reminded of the first spring mowing of the lawn. Intensely green. Powerful stuff!

Vitamins A, B, C, E and K
Calcium, Chlorophyll, Iron, Lecithin, Magnesium, Pantothenic Acid,
Phosphorus, Potassium, Trace Elements, Amino Acids
Protein: up to 30%

Our wheat comes from farmer Mark in Nebraska. It’s an heirloom variety that he and his father before him have grown for ages - and it always sprouts well and grows great wheatgrass, but this years crop has one feature which has been missing for a couple years - it smells wonderful! Be sure to stick your nose in the bag when you first open it. Mmmmmm! Seed Shelf Life: 2 years. Store in cool, dark, dry spot. Store in freezer to extend shelf life.
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  • quality
    I am counting on quality wheatgrass. I am ordering from Ontario Canada. If I get quality I will remain a constant buyer. Thank you!
    John 5/2/2016
  • weatgrass mold free
    Best seed source
    I have been growing wheatgrass for many years. I struggled with mold and almost gave up on trying to grown good wheatgrass. I read someplace that sometimes if you cannot get rid of mold you should try using a different seed company. so I did some research and found sproutpeople. there seeds were more expensive but I thought I would give I a try. I got my first shipment and have not had a problem with mold since. sproutpeople have a quality product that I would highly recommend.
    laura Spradlin 2/1/2016
  • great grass!
    Like the review from Alex, I have tried many sources of seed and sproutpeople has the best. It is obvious that these people are sincere. What other web site offers so much information? This is the way the web is supposed to be but most people are just selling stuff. These people care so much I got into sprouting as well as growing grass and there sprout mixes are out of this world! Stay away from the cheap stuff and get the best seed you can - right here.
    Stella 1/23/2015
  • Best Grass Ever
    I learned about sprouts and grass from my mom. I've been growing it and juicing it for years now. I've tried wheat from local stores and other online places, but sproutpeople has the best. Don't buy seeds at Amazon! Just Don't you'll be sorry. Get the fresh stuff that always grows great grass from these sprout folks.
    Alex Summer 7/1/2014
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