In July 1999 the FDA issued a press release warning EVERYONE to stop eating sprouts in order to avoid getting sick. We think this is unfair and misleading. The science linking sprouts to contamination is often sloppy and the risk of sickness is LESS than for most other foods. Yet because we are small and weak the FDA has gone on a witch hunt for sprouts!

Sprouts are a wonderful, nutritious food. Seed producers and sprout growers have been working with the FDA right from the beginning of these alleged outbreaks in 1995 to pinpoint the causes and find solutions. But now some high stakes bureacrats are out to make names for themselves, and they have stabbed us in the back!

Before the FDA makes sprouts illegal (and they have already been banned from the deli at Whole Foods in Madison, WI by the Dane County Health Department), you can grab a clipboard below and sign your name or send a letter--or both! Help get our side of the story told before it's too late.
You WILL be heard. Help to save a small organic business. THANK YOU!!

Hi, we are The Sproutpeople and we have been supplying the Madison/Milwaukee and Twin Cities areas with fresh, certified organic sprouts since 1993. You may have seen us at our stand at the Dane County Farmer's Market in Madison, running after our two small children while talking about the virtues of sprouts. The relentless attacks from the FDA over the last year and a half have cut our sales by 30%. It is our belief that the FDA has launched this smear campaign in order to drive small growers out of a food market ever more dominated by mega-industries with deep pockets. That's the way the government wants it but WE WON'T GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!
We know many of you care and will do what you can. Please take a copy of our report and find out that this is really a battle over who will control our food supply. Thanks again.


Gil Frishman
Lori Tooker

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