Though juicers come in many shapes and sizes, we only offer the Juicers we know personally. Well - that's not really totally true at this point, but it is true that most of the juicers we offer, we own - or have owned in the past. We do now offer a couple we only know by reputation. We carry them because customers have told us about them and asked us to offer them. We started as Grass only juicepeople, but now we juice drink everything! Virtually any fruit or vegetable is juicable. Mixing them is a kick - both taste wise and energy wise. Try for yourself. Fresh, Raw Juice is Awesome!

Grow Your Own Grass! Drink More Juice!

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  1. Healthy Juicer

    Healthy Juicer

    The Healthy Juicer is the most affordable grass juicer ever. This is a juicer that we have not owned ourselves, but it comes highly recommended by a person we trust implicitly. Michael Bergonzi, Greenhouse Manager at Hippocrates Health...
  2. Green Star Juicer

    Green Star Juicer

    This is the juicer we use in our home, and have for over a decade. It juices grass splendidly, as well as every fruit or vegetable we have ever asked it to. It's easy to clean and extremely durable. The Green Star extracts juice using its...
  3. Solostar II Juicer

    Solostar II Juicer

    The SoloStar II is a single auger juice extractor. We are offering it, though we have never owned one - because it is very well thought of in the juice world. The SoloStar juices Grass, and a huge array of Fruits and Vegetables. This is a very...
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