Grass Roots

Fresh Squeezed Juice Will Change Your Life!



  • You do need an extracting type Juicer to get juice out of Grass.
  • We own and love a Green Life (now called Green Star) juicer. It makes easy work of this.
  • Cut and wash ingredients. Feed through juicer.



  • You can refrigerate juice but it never tastes better than it does when just made, and it tastes absolutely amazing then.
  • Wheat Grass juice is as closer in composition to blood than anything. When you drink it you feel it immediately! It is a very intense, and for many people a not too pleasant taste. We often drink it straight but we sometimes prefer it mixed.
  • Mix in any proportion you enjoy most. Buckwheat Lettuce is the mildest flavor so you might consider starting like this: 50% Buckwheat, 40% Sunflower, 10% Grass.
  • Hey, did you know that us Sproutpeople took that picture of Wheat Grass Juice? We did - over a decade ago. We see it all over the web nowadays. We're flattered so many have copied it!

Seeds for Grass Roots