Growing Orange Lentils

Growing Orange Lentils

Seed Prep

When you Soak your Orange Lentils in water you may see some foam (sometimes more - sometimes less). It is good to Prep these before Soaking, it will remove some of the starch from the water in which they are going to soak which will help them take up water and will make your post-soak Rinse easier too.

Soak Water and Rinsing

Orange Lentil's starchy water means they won't sprout too well unless you get rid of it - the starch - so Rinse and Rinse and Rinse until the water runs clear. It can take a little while - but don't skimp.

Every Rinse is the same with Orange Lentils: Rinse and Rinse and Rinse until the water runs clear.


Orange Lentils are Lentils which have had their thin "coat" removed. They are usually a Crimson, but may be another small red lentil. The removal of this thin coat allows the lentils to split. When a seed splits, only one side can germinate - that being the side with the germ. The mechanical process that is decortication always results in some "splits", but we always try to find decorticated lentils that have split as little as possible. As those are difficult to find we sometimes go years without offering these. Regardless of how good the seed we have is, there will always be a goodly number of split lentils. Don't worry about it. The lentils that will sprout do so quickly, and the un-sprouted parts do no harm and taste equally marvelous.

Dry Lentils await their Soak. You can see how many "splits" there can be with Orange Lentils. That's just the way it is with Decorticated Lentils.

12 - 24 hours later...Soaked, and Rinsed and Drained once or twice. You can be done now. They're small but perfect.

12 hours later... Another Rinse/Drain cycle. If you weren't done last time, stop now....

12 hours later.... You really must stop.

Family: Leguminosae
Genus: Lens
Species: culinaris
Cultivar: Unnamed