Growing Sprouts for Dogs

Growing Sprouts for Dogs

Learn more about feeding Raw

We are not telling you to go 100% raw. Do your own research. We will tell you; watch out for mercenary corporations and elite clubs telling you raw is just plain bad. As always - in everything - be careful who you trust, but be open-minded. Beware Dogma!

A Note To Tripods

We have known quite a few lovely 3 leggers in our day. Please accept our apology for the name of this mix. Would that there were more space available on our small labels, we would have included tripods. 3 legs or 4 - May Dog Be With You!

Serving Suggestion

We grind the mix before mixing it into our dogs' meal. We use a food processor, but a blender works OK too. Dobie (the big guy) eats the sprouts either way, but Chester (the little beige guy) - I've actually watched him pick lentil sprouts out of his food. Hysterical! Chopping the sprouts solves the problem and gets more food into the finicky little fella.

4 Legs of Love awaits Soaking.

12 hours later... Soaked, Rinsed and Drained thoroughly.

12 hours later... Another Rinse/Drain cycle.

12 hours later... Harvest Time! You may go for another Rinse/Drain cycle if you really want to.

A close-up look at the finished crop above. We love this picture, and this is how we like our 4 Legs of Love.