Growing Barley Sprouts

Growing Barley Sprouts

Hulless Barley is typically an uneven sprouter. Some seeds will germinate quicker than others. It's OK. They are all alive and amazing once they've soaked up their fill of water, so grow for no more than a couple days and enjoy. Aren't these seeds gorgeous?!

Happy Sprouting!

Dry Barley awaiting the Soak.

6 - 12 hours later... Soaked, Rinsed and Drained.

12 hours later... another Rinse/Drain cycle.

12 hours later... another Rinse/Drain cycle unless you're done.... You can be done now, or before - or keep on sprouting if you must.

This Barley is too sprouted, in our opinion. That's why we stop when the sprouts are small - like in the previous picture, or before that even.

Family: Gramineae/Poaceae
Genus: Hordeum
Species: sativa
Cultivar: Unnamed