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An Easy Sprout Sprouter and 2 pounds of 4 Legs of Love, Detailed Instructions. Our favorite sprouting device and our mix, made specifically for canines. The two pounds of 4 Legs of Love will produce about 6 pounds of sprouts. The Easy Sprout Sprouter will last for many years and will sprout just about any seed you want to. All of the seeds in 4 Legs of Love come from sources which are certified organic.


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For Sprouting Instructions, click here: 4 Legs of Love. You may also print the instructions that come with this Kit. To learn about - including how to use - a Sprouter, click its name: Easy Sprout Sprouter.

Grow Your Own dog food....

While, we have had dogs - like Dobie (the brown guy in the picture) for example, who will eat sprouts straight, it is not generally their favorite meal. But, when chopped up and mixed in to food they like, they go down easy.

For Sprouting Instructions and to learn more about the seed, click here: 4 Legs of Love. To learn about - including how to use - the Sprouter, click here: Easy Sprout Sprouter.

The Seeds

2 Pounds of

Dobie & Chester's 4 Legs of Love

Red Clover, Alfalfa, Broccoli, 7 Lentils, Mung Beans & Hulless Oats

This New (2009) Mix is the perfect sprout mix-in for dogs. Tested and approved by our lovable mutts; Dobie and Chester, 4 Legs of Love also has our veterinarian's stamp of approval.

We have had dogs in our home forever. Beanie's Awesome Mix is named after our first dog, Clem's Choice is named for our 2nd dog, so it seems like this mix should have been introduced ages ago. All of our dogs have eaten sprouts. We decided it was about time we put something together that was specifically good for dogs, and also easy to get them to eat. We grind the sprouts in a food processor before mixing them into the other food we are serving. We grind just before feeding, so the sprouts are still alive, and because they end up so mixed in - every morsel is consumed, even by our finicky Chihuerrier* Chester. This is great stuff!

dog sprouts Our original trio of girls - Jupiter, Clementine and Fagie - came to us in very lean years. We didn't have enough money to feed them high quality food until they were senior citizens. None of them lived longer than 12 years. Though they changed our lives in ways we are still discovering - that's just not enough time.

sprouts for dogs Our current dogs - boys named Dobie and Chester - eat better than we did during those lean years. We're glad we can offer these sprouts to our dogs, and to your dogs. Feed them well - they are dogs. 'Nuf said.

May Dog Be With You.

* Chihuerrier (chi-wear-e-er) is our name for a Chihuahua Terrier Mix. We've been using it since 2005 - when Mr. C came into our lives. We're surprised it hasn't caught on yet @:-D

The Sprouter

One Easy Sprout Sprouter

Overwhelmingly our most popular sprouter, Easy Sprout is also our personal favorite. We have well over a dozen in our house. It offers great drainage and the best air-circulation of any sprouter.

Easy Sprout is made up of a 1 Quart (litre) Growing Vessel, a Solid container/Base that catches excess Rinse water, a Small Seed Insert that snaps in when sprouting small seeds, two Growing Lids (1 for home (Domed) and 1 for the road (Flat)), and a Solid Lid for refrigerator storage of your sprout crop.

Easy Sprout is the best all-around sprouter. Period. It is the mandatory choice for high humidity sproutpeople everywhere and great for travel sprouting! Very versatile - Easy Sprout can sprout virtually any seed, anywhere!

Easy Sprout is part of many of our Kits.

Though this Kit does come with printed sprouting instructions - you will always find the most information by visiting the seed's detailed page: On our 4 Legs of Love page you will find everything you will ever want to know about the seed, and how to sprout it.


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I was skeptical about this sprouts for dogs thing, but they actually eat them when mixed into their wet food. I have 2 pretty finicky dogs. Stunning!