Leafy Sprout Sampler

Leafy Sprout Sampler

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Single Harvest Packs of French Garden, Italian Blend, Moo Mix, Russian Mix and Spicy Mix

Try our most popular Leafy Sprouts with these samples. You will never think of Alfalfa Sprouts the same way again!

If you haven't one already, you will want to consider a Sprouter as well.

All of the seeds in this sampler come from sources which are certified organic.

Note: This Sampler is made up of 5 Single Harvest Packs.

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The perfect introduction to Sproutpeople's gourmet selection of Leafy Sprouts. For anyone who already has a Sprouter, this sampler will give you a taste of our most popular Leafy Sprouts.

For Sprouting Instructions, click the name of the Seed or Mix you want to grow.

The Seeds

French Garden

Clover, Arugula, Cress, Radish, Fenugreek, and Dill

Our most popular Leafy Sprout blend. Period. The inclusion of Arugula - an amazingly tasty sprout - is what has made French Garden - by far - our most popular Leafy sprout blend of all time! This is as gourmet as sprouts get! A delectable blend of mildly sweet, tangy, bitter and peppery. French Garden is just plain perfect!

Italian Blend

Clover, Garlic, Cress

The inclusion of Garlic and Cress - two amazingly tasty sprouts has made Italian Blend our 2nd most popular Leafy Sprout blend of all time! Only French Garden is more popular. Italian Blend is a great way to enjoy Garlic Sprouts (which cost so darn much solo) along with other tasty nutritious sprouts. We include a lot of Garlic in this mix because it is slower to sprout than the rest of the seeds. The volume of Garlic seed provides the flavor we are after, but when we sprouted this for our farmers market, we sprouted the Garlic for several days and then mixed the sprouts in with the other seeds after they had sprouted for a day. That method uses less Garlic, and the texture is somewhat improved, but over the years we have found that mixes that require 2 steps often scare folks away - that's why we sell this as a one-step mix, but we may add a 2-step option in the future for those of you who don't mind the challenge and want to experience Italian Blend at its absolute finest. In the meantime, you can always pump it up by buying some Garlic straight and sprouting it for 5-7 days before soaking the mixed seeds.

Moo Mix

Alfalfa + Clover

A mild Leafy Mix of America's favorite sprouts.

Russian Mix

Clover, Fenugreek, Mustard, Onion and Dill

Our personal favorite among the Leafy Sprouts and also the most senior of those mixes. It is the perfect accompaniment to a bagel. Oddly, I used to hate sprouts (I mean Hate!) at age 19, when I (Gil) moved to San Francisco, (from Chicago), they put sprouts on everything - including bagels. It really infuriated me. It was that loathing that eventually moved us to make this, and then other mixes. I had to find a way to like sprouts, so we found seeds with flavor and well - one thing led to another - and now we are where we are - Sproutpeople, purveyors of Earth's Finest Sprouting Seeds @:-}. And hey - now I eat Russian Mix topped bagels at an alarming rate - have for years - sometimes without anything else - just a toasted bagel with Russian Mix. Moral: Never say never. =:-D

Spicy Mix

Clover, Alfalfa, Daikon + China Rose Radish & Fenugreek

Mildly spicy. A great addition - as are all Leafy Sprouts - to sandwiches, salads, tacos,.....


You will want a Sprouter too, if you don't already have one you like.

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