Spelt Sprouts

Spelt Sprouts

$7.85 Lb.

Another sweet and easy to grow Grain, Spelt is a great and popular alternative. It is especially important to those who are allergic to, or avoiding Wheat.
Good sprouting Spelt is amazingly hard to find, so we do not always have it available, but we do always try.

Note: This is the same seed we sell for Spelt Grass, which we only sell when the seed is good at growing grass.

Our Spelt comes from a source which is certified organic.

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Sprouting Directions

  • Soak 6 - 12 hours
  • Rinse / Drain 2 times per day
  • Harvest 2 - 3 days
  • Yield 1.5 to 1

A great alternative for those allergic to Wheat.

Spelt is a hulled grain. The mechanical hulling process usually causes enough damage to the grains that some don't sprout due to the loss of their germ. For this reason Spelt often sprouts unevenly.

This is not always the case. Every crop season holds hope for a good lot of Spelt. See our Crop Notes (in our Notes section) for details on our current seed - assuming we have some. Good Spelt is hard to find.

Since every seed becomes alive once soaked, we advise growing Spelt that is not great as a "Soak". You can try to sprout it longer, but not all seeds will germinate in the case of lesser lots.

We do not carry whole Spelt but if you have some of that you can use it to grow Spelt Grass but not sprouts - the hull is not edible.

You can use Spelt to make Rejuvelac. We prefer Rye, but any Grain can be used.

Mild, chewy grain that is low in gluten. Wonderful breakfast cereal, living bread, cookies, or grain salad.

Vitamins B, C and E
Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus
Amino Acids
Protein: 15%


This year's Spelt sprouts very well, but it doesn't grow grass well enough, so Spelt Grass is out-of-stock.

Seed Shelf Life: 2 years. Store in cool, dark, dry spot. Store in freezer to extend shelf life, and prevent pests.

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