Nalo Greens


We reformulated and renamed our Big Greens Mix. Nalo Greens is the name of a salad mix unique to Hawaii, a favorite place for our family, so we chose to honor the Aloha spirit we so enjoy by naming our new mix Nalo Greens. We discontinued our old Mesclun Mix Sprout Salad in favor of this blend of Big Greens. At the same time we have expanded our offerings of Micro-Greens, which more than makes up for the absence of the old mix. We hate to disappoint anyone, but really, this is a good change. The trend on the gourmet side of the sprout industry is towards Baby Greens. Whatever we call it, this is a wonderful tasting combination with a great range of textures and striking visual appeal. It is a salad or a salad topping, a sandwich addition, a mix-in for pasta or anything else you can think of - and it is super nutritious as all live/raw foods are.

Even though they are just a percentage of the total mix, you should read this information regarding Buckwheat Lettuce.

Fresh, delicate, meaty. A great combination of green flavors and textures.

Vitamins A, B, C and E
Calcium, Chlorophyll, Iron, Lecithin, Magnesium, Niacin, Phosphorus, Potassium
Amino Acids
Protein: 20%

Just a note to honor the folks in Hawaii who grow THE Nalo Greens. We use their name to honor the state we love so much to visit - and the Aloha Spirit. Mahalo folks! Seed Shelf Life: 2 years. Store in cool, dark, dry spot. Store in freezer to extend shelf life.

Nalo Greens

Buckwheat Lettuce, Sunflower Greens, Pea Shoots and Radish

This is a new - as of 2010 - mix. The old version has been replaced with this great mix of Big Greens. A great change. Give it a try.

Nalo Greens seeds come from sources which are certified organic.

$9.87 Lb.

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  • Soak 8 - 12 hours
  • Rinse / Drain 2 times per day
  • Plant Day 2
  • Harvest 6 - 9 days
Sprouting Instructions & Video:
Growing Nalo Greens

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