Clover Micro-Greens


Clover is so much like Alfalfa that most people wouldn't know the difference. Clover's leaves are a lighter shade of green, but flavor wise they are close to identical. The biggest difference is how much more easily Clover sheds its hulls. That alone is reason to choose it over Alfalfa - in our opinion, but that really is the only noticable difference between the 2 crops.

These marvelous sprouting seeds also grow wonderful Micro-Greens:

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We do not list each seed/mix in the Micro-Greens category, but feel free to give them a try . You will find that their labels do not mention them as Micro-Greens, so please don't hold that against us. If you do grow one of our other Leafy Sprouts, go ahead and use this set of instructions.

Crunchy, mild, cool and refreshing. Great in sandwiches, salads, or as a salad by itself!

Vitamins A, B, C, E and K
Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc,
Carotene, Chlorophyll, Amino Acids, Trace Elements
Protein: 35%

Red clover is one of our favorite seeds. We always find good seed, but we are particularly happy with this years crop. It’s fast and sheds its hulls very well. Seed Shelf Life: 4 years. Store in cool, dark, dry spot. Store in freezer to extend shelf life.

Clover Micro-Greens

Mild flavor, extremely tender, big time nutrition (especially for women),
Clover is easy to grow as Micro-Greens. It produces a beautiful green leaf which is lighter green than Alfalfa.

Though it is very similar to Alfalfa, we prefer Clover. It is the base for most of our Leafy Sprout Mixes

Note: This is the same seed we sell for Clover Sprouts.
Our Clover comes from a source which is certified organic!

$9.87 Lb.

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  • Soak 8 - 12 hours
  • Rinse / Drain 2 - 3 times per day
  • Plant day 2
  • Harvest 5 - 14 days
Sprouting Instructions & Video:
Growing Leafy Sprouts as Micro-Greens

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