Spicy Salad Greens

Spicy Salad Greens

$13.96 Lb.

Daikon Radish, Arugula, Cress

Spicy Salad is a beautiful and delicious combination of diversely spicy little Brassica plants!

Spicy Salad Green's seeds come from sources which are certified organic.

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Sprouting Directions

  • Soak no
  • Rinse / Drain no
  • Plant Day 1
  • Harvest 5 - 14 days

An exceptionally tasty and aromatic mix. This one can be grown on soil or similar medium, a thoroughly moistened Hemp Bag or on Baby Blanket in our handsome little Compostable Tray. Milder than (not as hot) the sprouts produced by these same seeds. A beautiful gourmet addition to salads - just scatter a small bunch on top. We never give away our mix recipes, but we will warn you that this mix is made up mostly of Daikon Radish. The Cress and Arugula also grow much smaller plants, so you may not even see them when you harvest. They are there though, and as they have so much flavor, they impart what we want. Do be sure to cut as close to the medium as possible when harvesting, so you get as much flavor as possible.

Note: Canadian and US researchers have found that Brassicas contain antioxidants such as sulfurophane. All of these seeds are Brassicas.

The combination of zingy radish, peppery cress and zesty arugula makes for quite a treat for the tastebuds.

Vitamins A, B, C, E and K
Calcium, Chlorophyll, Iron, Magnesium, Niacin, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc
All Essential Amino Acids
Protein: 25-30%

If there is anything unique about our current seed, we will tell you about it here. Seed Shelf Life: 5 years. Store in cool, dark, dry spot. Store in freezer to extend shelf life.
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  • New Favorite
    Wow, this mix just jumped to the top of my list! I grew these as jar sprouts, and it came out great. The daikon really wakes up salads and soups. The spicy sweetness is pleasant and not overpowering. Impressive yield: 2 Tbs produced a quart (I'm guessing because I kept nibbling on the sprouts before they got big!) I'll try the next batch in soil. Thanks, Sproutpeople, for the excellent information and a quality product!

    Sproutpeople Response: Thanks Stan, we're glad you like Spicy Salad Greens, but it is intended to grow as a Microgreen, not a sprout. There are too many mucilaginous seeds for it to grow well as a sprout, typically. Do give them a try as a Microgreen too. Gil
    Stan 2/27/2016
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